This is beautiful Hawaii however, a light jacket is always a good idea when you are going on deep sea fishing trips (in Kona it can be a little chilly in the morning and night off shore), and you should always also pack some sunscreen, a camera and drinks to keep hydrated. If you are taking a 6 to 8 hour trip on the ocean, it’s also very important that you bring some food or snacks with you. As an option for those of you who don't feel like going to the grocery store the night before your fishing trip, please consider utilizing our "easy to use" Online Ordering for fresh groceries, snacks, deli, drinks and any restaurant listed items that you desire. Yes, you order directly from our website and the food will be delivered/ waiting for you on the boat.  No Fishing Licenses are required in Hawaii and will be supplying all rods, reels, bait, lures and all tackle required to fish. The Hustler Teram willl also be providing bottled water, a large cooler with ice for all of your sandwiches, snacks & drinks. The Kona Coast is known to be unbelievably calm more often than not, however, for those of you that are prone to getting sea sick, you should consider taking Dramamine 24 hours before your scheduled fishing trip.  

What NOT TO BRING... spray on sunblock, glass bottles or containers, Ice Chest (we have plenty of room onboard) and bananas because they are bad luck!