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Hustler Shared Trips

A shared fishing trip is where individuals are willing to be matched up with other anglers to make a full boat.  In other words, "Pay Per Spot." You don't have to book the entire boat just to go fishing.  And, unlike other boats that book (6) total anglers to a shared trip, at Hustler we will only book (3) anglers to a boat. Click on the view HUSTLER SHARED TRIPS Button above to see our schedule of trips to reserve your spot or watch a trip. It’s that easy!

*Prices listed below include all taxes and fees*            

4 Hour = $236 per angler
6 Hour = $290 per angler
8 Hour = $325 per angler

Hustler specializes in Shared Fishing Trips for Big Game Fish.  No matter what, by booking your shared trip with Hustler you are guaranteed that:

Only (3) Total Anglers will be booked to a shared boat so you are DOUBLING YOUR CHANCES of getting hooked up and fighting some fish.  You will also have TWICE as much space on the boat to relax and be comfortable aboard our 33' Hustler Boat. On every trip the first (2) Reserved Spots are always RISK FREE and there are no financial committments until we have (3) anglers. You will be on a first class fishing vessel where Rods, Reels and Bait will be provided, and if you want to Order a Lunch delivered to the boat we can do that too!  Because Hustler is booking more shared fishing trips than any other operator on the Hawaiian Islands, so your chances of a trip cancelling is very low.

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